Llipta to chaqchar whole coca leaves – 4 balls


Llipta is a flour made from stevia ashes with other plants native to the Andean region of Peru. It is used to chaqchar and extract the active juices that are beneficial for the human body.

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LIipta for coca leaves

Llipta to chaqchar whole coca leaves, La Llipta is an alkaline mixture of powder based on stevia ashes and Andean plants from Cuzco for coca leaves.

Used for the extraction of the active juice of the coca leaves in the practice of chaqchado salivation….more information here

Coca leaves consumption is an ancient and widespread practice in the past. The part of coca used is the leaf, which dries in the environment. The most widespread direct consumption of the leaf is by coca chewing or chewing.


Stevia ashes and Andean plants. Set 4 balls.

Instructions for use

Choose three leaves that represent the andean quintu and then carry to one side of the mouth, then bite a little of the llipta ball and discard the chewed leaves after 15 minutes.

SOURCE: Cusco – Peru

Secondary effects and contradictions

We have not found any contraindication, however, it should be consumed rationally as recommended. No studies have been conducted in pregnant women, consult a specialist doctor. People who have heart problems, it is better to limit their consumption.

What brand of coca leaf is the best?

Currently there are many brands of Peruvian origin, delisse, herbi, wawasana, energy green, etc. All products derived from the sacred coca leaf have a single origin: ENACO, the national coca company.

This state-owned company is the only one that has permission to market the coca leaf directly from coca growers (coca growers) and is the one that resells the flour so that other companies and brands can make their derivatives.

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